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Meal Preparation and Diet Planning

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Sarah Grace Home Care Caregivers collaborate with our senior patients to assess their nutritional needs and create specific meal plans to help promote healthy eating habits.

The process begins with the Sarah Grace Home Care team discovering what you like to eat, how often, and whether or not you enjoy cooking & baking. We’re happy to take you grocery shopping or collect the food you need for you. We know that we don’t know everything when it comes to the kitchen, so occasionally our clients will even show us a new recipe or favorite food. Whether it’s enjoying a serving of comfort food or discovering a new, light-fare meal together, mealtime with our caregivers becomes a fun experience!

Sarah Grace Home Care’s meal and snack preparation services include:

  • Preparing meals and light snacks, with the client if they desire
  • Grocery shopping, with or without the client
  • Ensuring the kitchen is clean following the meal
  • Focusing on healthy diet meals (by request), which may include low sodium or diabetic diets
  • Monitoring food freshness
  • Monitoring the nutritional value of clients’ diets, including protein levels

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Mealtime Feeding Assistance

Unintentional weight loss affects more than a quarter of people over age 65. It may be a signal that a senior needs home care meals or feeding assistance—all services our caregivers provide. In fact, research shows that feeding assistance, either during or between meals, can improve a senior’s daily fluid and food consumption needed to maintain a healthy weight.

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Assist with and Motivate Meal Preparation

Studies show that more than half of all seniors living at home are undernourished or malnourished. An unbalanced diet, the body’s inability to properly absorb food, and depression are possible culprits. As part of our home care meal services, our trained caregivers can assist with meal preparation and monitor the food and fluid intake of your senior parent to ensure healthy nutrition.

Where do I receive personal care services?

In most cases, you will receive these services in your own home.

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