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How do I know if a family member needs personal care or companion care?

Author: Sarah Grace Home Care |

As a family-owned and run company, we understand the struggles families face when deciding if a loved one needs enhanced assistance. Perhaps your mother has become forgetful or seems distant and depressed due to a lack of companionship. Maybe your father has been ill or had surgery and is too independent to follow his recuperative exercise routine. For any number of reasons, from frailty to the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia, there are times when a family member needs more assistance than it is possible or practical for other relatives to provide.

You may reject the idea of a nursing home or assisted living facility as being too permanent or premature, yet not have the ability to provide ongoing care for a parent who wants to stay in their home—or even, live at yours. Making the choice to engage compassionate professionals is not a compromise. It’s an affirmative choice that will enhance your loved one’s quality of life and encourage the most beneficial possible outcome.